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Des thèses et mémoires de nos étudiantes et étudiants sont conservés et consultables dans Papyrus , le dépôt institutionnel de l’Université de Montréal.



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2018-11 The poetics of translation : a thinking structure
2017-12 Performing femininity within masculine circles : a study of negation in the works of Mina Loy
2010-09 Believing in belief : the modernist quest for spiritual meaning (Croyer en croyance : la quête moderniste pour le sens spirituel)
2012-05 The Dystopic Body in Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale
2009-08 Paper Dinosaurs : field notes as finds in Robert Kroetsch's Badlands
2012-04 Literary meals in Canada : the Food/books of Austin Clarke, Hiromi Goto, Tessa McWatt and Fred Wah
2023-04 Navigating trauma and the city : at the intersection of trauma theory and flânerie in contemporary Canadian fiction
2005 Conceptions of the self : a theoretical, fictional, and analytical investigation
2019-08 A Hauntology of Sheila Watson's The Double Hook
2000 The play of desire : Sinclair Ross's Gay fiction
2001 Dialogic imagination in Jane Urquhart's The Whirlpool, Changing Heaven, and Away
2003 Arab woman : different culture, different feminism
2019-04 Theorizing the peregrinations of Anglo/Québécois literature in translation
1998 The death of a beautiful woman : "nineteenth century up-to-date with a vengeance"
2015-10 Bodies, stories, cities : learning to read and write (in) Montréal with Gail Scott
2000 Women's autobiographies : (Un)conscious re-presentations of self and mother
1998 Placing Atlantic Canada : community, cultural history, politics
1997 The question of identity in italian-canadian fiction
2003 Arab Canadian writing : remapping home
2001 The Flood Myth, the Lone Ranger, and the re-centering of marginal masculinity in Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King
1998 Through a glass darkly : gothic intertexts in Margaret Atwood's Cat's eye
2020-12 Toryism reconstructed : the relationship between T.C. Haliburton's The Clockmaker and Canadian Imperialists
2001 Headless : a work of fiction/theory on desire and fear in narrative
1997 Hybrid canons, hybrid theories : the political dialectic of literary theory and canon criticism
2022-08 The dimensions of space : metaphorical poetics
2011-10 Inventing interventions : strategies of reappropriation in Native American and First Nations literatures
1998 Random patterns? : orderly disorder in contemporary narrative
1998 Entre le voir et le dire : la critique d'art des écrivains dans la presse symboliste en France de 1882 à 1906
1999 Reader-response theories, theoretical anxieties : validating interpretations in some reader-response theories
2004 La valeur monde : traduction et mondialisation dans Anil's Ghost de Michael Ondaatje